Vivendi Has Begun Informal Talks With Telecom Italia, CEO.

Obviously they own a big stake but they were never going to merge. However there will be some co- operation.

On top of thst I feel Telco’s are a sector to own. With low growth and low rates telco’s will start to get attention again.

Telco’s have great divi’s and with the added extra of consolidation on the horizon.

They are also a pure play on Europe. All positive.

Closing short in Telecom Italia and sticking with our long in Orange.

See full Orange idea at original idea



Friday • 07 August 2015 • 09:08

Issues with TIT and why we could see ST weakness for a couple of days.

o/p the SXKP by 20% YTD almost

There have been a lot of catalysts that have played out now…italy consol, bollore involved etc

People been buying them since 1eur for those reasons.

Really the one remaining catalyst is Brazil which won’t happen for a while.

Really well owned by HF’s especially and some will take profits

Could see them pulling back 5% from here.ST sell and anywhere near 1.1 I would be loading up!